Jeremy's work can be found in Adirondack Life Magazine & 2018 ADK Life Wall Calendar.

Published by Local ADK Magazine,, Visit Adirondacks, and has photographed National Touring Artists such as Greensky Bluegrass, Alyssa Rose, Driftwood, and Jackie Greene. 

Coffee is my beverage of choice. My hobbies include hiking and exploring the outdoors. I appreciate technology and what it has to offer. I’ve always been interested in gadgets, electronics, and mechanics. This lead me to my first digital camera, which I still have today. 

Nature has always been a part of my soul. Growing up, I took to fishing, hiking and boating. I learned how to tie flies in 4-H, invent machines and was obsessed with how things work together. This had gotten me into trouble a few times as I would take things apart just to learn the mechanics and how they fit back together. 

Like most kids that grew up away from a big city, I’d lay in the grass and look at the night sky.  As you get older and responsibilities take over, time for those type of moments disappear. 

I came across a travel photographer about 5 years ago that posted some photos of the night sky. The contrast of the stars against the night sky was so captivating. I saw something so normal and familiar in a whole new perspective. It brought me right back to those moments laying in the grass behind my parents house as a child.

Those photographs have been my inspiration for capturing beautiful timeless moments. I enjoy taking something so simple, objects you would normally walk right by and transform them into mystical creations that almost feel surreal. 

My passion has only grown. I originally started by only taking adventure photos but have since been inspired to capture timeless moments of love between families, children and couples. Moments of love that will last a lifetime. 

My attention to detail has been an important factor in my photography in all aspects. All of my photographs tell a story and I hope to be a part of your journey. 

-Mount VanHoevenburg overlooking the ADK High Peaks